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009wendy.jpgI call this video "Wet and Wild Wendy", because Wendy is just that. Once you see it you will know why. This video was shot entirely outdoors. Wendy starts in her University cheerleader outfit with white cotton panties. I give you real close-ups of her splendid round butt. She then lounges on a chair with her legs apart and you can see her mound as it presses against the panties. She then puts on a pair of tan panties and goes for a dip in the pool. She gets these so wet that they look painted on. Wendy was getting so excited by these wet panties against her crotch that her nipples stood up to attention. I couldn't believe this girl, she just couldn't keep her hands out from under her panties. Until she couldn't stand it any longer she removes them and masterbates until she cums, all from wearing wet panties. You'll cherish her video as a classic


  010monica.jpgMonica starts out in her skirt outfit with white cotton panties on, she loves to tease & flashes while sitting in a chair. I give you a worms eye view of those pretty panties. You can see the mound of her pussy crack. Then she plays pool on my pool table, as she bends to make her shot you can see her tight little butt. Monica sits by the corner pocket, with her there you will never miss a shot again. Then she tries on her white mini-skirt with white satin & lace panties, where she teases the camera some more. Then she gets into a pink cotton panty, again I give you the best view of them. Monica says that she is a natural tease. Monica ends up naked as a jay bird, with only her pussy hair covering her.


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